Specialized Systems

Slub Yarn Attachment

» Electronic Function Key or Touch Screen panel to set the parameters of the Slub viz. Slub length, Slub Diameter, Slub Distance.
» User Friendly & Maintenance free.
» Up to 10 programs can be stored in the memory and can be called up at any time. Expandable with additional options.
» Can be run with dual motor without affecting the Slub parameters
» The Slub formation is by Servo control and the clutch arrangement is eliminated totally. This improves the Slub formation and avoids the thin place after the Slub formation. Differential gear enhances smooth operation and accuracy.
» The quality of the Slub is equivalent to the Slub produced in Amshler attachment.
» The production is higher than any other Slub attachment.
» Reproducibility of the Slub Pattern.
» Can be combined with Ring frames with Inverter drive.

Energy Saver for Injection Molding

» PLC based systems ensures faster and accurate control.
» Individual speed setting for every stage operation for higher energy saving.
» Fault indication and setting through MMI.
» Running time, KWH and drive value indications.
» Energy saving up to 40% (Depends on the component and cycle time).
»Improved motor efficiency through drive operation.
» Automation Simplified at HARITHAAYour Trusted Partner

Dying Controller

» System configuration with PLC & HMI.
» Option of 5.7” & 10.4” or larger Touch Screen.
» Easy trouble shooting and reduced down time.
»100 Steps Program with 100 Programs storing capacity.
» Online edit of steps and parameters.
» Historic trend graph of Temperature and Machine Operation.
» Addition Tank level display and Main tank level display.
» Machine status display with all indications and values.

Length based Counter system for Ring Frames

» Basic system controlled by PLC and HMI.
» Speed control through AC Drive.
» Length based or Time based table for speed control selectable.
» Online adjustment of parameters.
» Numerous Data displays like Production (both Metric and British Hanks), Breakdown, Machine, Units/Kg, Etc.
» PC Software to connect up to 32 Frames.
» Higher production due to increased speed.
» Smooth start an stop improves machine efficiency and reduces end break thus reduction in Unit/Kg.
» Even higher level of efficiency achieved through direct coupling, resulting in avoidance of Pulleys and Belt hence less maintenance, inventory, wear & tear, etc