MICREX-SX Series PLC - SPH300 / SPH2000

» IO control with a Program capacity of up to 256Ksteps and up to 8192 points.
» Data Memory upto 2M Words.
» Ultra High speed Controller with 1ms Scan and IO refresh.
» Multi CPU System applicable up to 8 CPU's.
» 1-to-1 Warm-standby feature.
» N-1 backup feature.
» Compatible with Ethernet, LonWorks, FL-Net, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, AS-I, and other diverse open networks.
» SX Bus Diverse Network Systems enabling seamless access.
» Two types of Programming Support tools in accordance with Development style – SX Programmer Standard & Expert (D300win).
» Supports IL / LD / FBD / ST / SFC representations.
» Confirms to IEC 61131 International Standards for both Hardware & Software.
» Realizes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance support, and
» Preventive Maintenance using IT.


» Ideal for small size machines requiring fast processing.
» Two programming languages SX Mode and N Mode.
» Communication adapters for RS232C & RS485.
» Self lifting terminal block with finger protection.
» Program memory up to 8K steps.
» Data memory up to 9K words.
» Conformity to International standards.
» Diversified functions for expanding applications.

MICREX-SX Series PLC - Micro PLC

» Expansion capacity up to 512 IO's.
» 20K word program capacity.
» 3002 points of Internal relay. » High Speed IO Processing with 4-Points 32BIT Hardware HSC
with frequency up to 920KHz.
» 4-Points PWM output with frequency from 72~18.432KHz or 720~184.32KHz.
» 19528 Words of Data/File Register.
» 256 Counter and 256 Timers.
» 128 Points Analogue IO.
» Up to 5 Communication Ports (USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet)
» Numeric Control & Positioning Modules.
» Temperature Measurement and Control Modules.
» Special Expansion Modules.

MONITOUCH Series POD - Monitouch V8

» 65,536 Display Color.
» 30 Frames per Second Video Display with 16.77 Million Colors.
» 256-tone Monochrome display.
» 8-Way Communication.
» USB Ports for Upload/Download, Printer, Mouse, Keyboard and CF card Reader/Writer.
» Analogue Resistive Switch.
» Slider Switch / Scroll Bar / Memo Pad Functions.
» High capacity memory facilities.
» Emulator for easy Debugging with V-SFT 5.0
» Easy screen and component configuration.
» Screen sizes of 5.7 / 7.7 / 8.4 / 10.4 / 12.1 / 15.0 inches TFT/STN LCD.
» High Speed data sampling.
» Compatible to many makes of PLC, Drives and Thermo controllers


» The display that makes your machine more attractive and your system configuration more simple.

» Conforms to 32,768 full-clearer and sharper image display. Simplifies your system as a gateway of the temperature control network that connects the PLC, temperature controllers, and inverters.

» The UG series are the displays that best fit users' needs by providing clearer and sharper images and allowing simplified system configuration.